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by admin July 10, 2020
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Upgrade Personal Loan Application Online :

Upgrade provides the customers, who received a pre-approved loan offer from them to get out of debt, with a safe and secure online portal to accept the offer and complete their application online. The personal loans are issued by Upgrade’s lending partners and they are also available to apply for the common individual without any pre-selected offer online 24/7.

Upgrade is a direct loan company offering online and mobile banking products and services including affordable loans and cards. This digital lending platform also provides customers with free credit monitoring and educational tools to help them understand their credit potential and achieve more affordable credit in the long run. The upgrade is not a bank but it partners with various banks and financial institutions to deliver loans obtained through the company.

Upgrade Personal Loan Features & Benefits :

With a Personal Loan obtained through Upgrade, you can accomplish your financial goals in a range of ways. It offers the users

  • No application fee or upfront fees
  • Check your rate with no obligation or impact to the credit score
  • Low fixed rates and affordable monthly payments
  • Flexible loan options to fit your monthly budget and schedule
  • Loans up to $35000
  • No prepayment fees to pay your loan off at any time
  • Pay off credit cards to eliminate high-interest debt on your calendar cycle
  • Payment flexibility to change your payment date according to your budget
  • Streamline all credit and loan payments into a single monthly payment with Debt Consolidation
  • Get funds to build, repair or remodel the home or improve business without refinancing or taking out a home equity loan
  • Make a big purchase or cover the unexpected expense with a fixed rate personal loan instead of a high-interest credit card

Though there are a variety of ways to use Upgrade Personal Loan, there are some fields the loan cannot be used for. Like you cannot use it for school loans including tuition, room and board, supplies and others, investments, illegal activities, and gambling of any type.

How to Apply for a Pre-Approved Upgrade Personal Loan Online :

Applying for a Pre-Approved Personal Loan offered by Upgrade online is quick and easy. To accept the loan offer and complete the application, keep the offer letter that has recently been sent to you from Upgrade by mail handy, and then you can take the following steps provided below.

  • Go to the specific site mentioned on your Pre-Approved invitation mail or access the Save With Upgrade Personal Loan Application webpage at www.upgrade.com/funnel
  • Enter your 15-digit pre-approval code in its field on the left-hand side of the page. The code can be found on the top or bottom of the offer letter.
  • Enter the preferred loan amount you are looking for from the provided ranges and select the purpose of your loan.

Upgrade Check Rate

  • Click on the “Check Your Rate” button

View the available offers you qualify for and choose the one best to suit your need. Then fill out a brief application providing the required details and see the result. Accept the loan offer if you are approved and your funds will be sent to your bank account within 4 business days after clearing necessary verification. You must have a valid checking or savings account in order to process the application.

Note that receiving a pre-approval loan offer from Upgrade means you met the minimum borrowing requirements based on your credit report information. Other factors collected through your online application like your income or employment will also impact your eligibility to qualify for the loan and rates you received.

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How to Apply for Upgrade Personal Loan Online :

If you have not received any pre-screened mail offer, you can still apply for a Personal Loan obtained through Upgrade. To see what loan you qualify for and check the rate for that loan, you can

  • Go to the same Upgrade Pre-Approval Loan Application page at www.upgrade.com/funnel.
  • Select the question mark icon next to your 15-digit code and click the link beside “Don’t have your code?” at the bottom of the pop-up box appeared on your screen.
  • Or, directly land the page at www.upgrade.com/funnel/nonDMFunnel
  • Choose from an amount between $1000 and $35000 and select the loan purpose.
  • Click on the “Check Your Rate” button. It won’t affect your credit score.

Review the multiple loan options and decide which offer is best for you to pay it back over 36 or 60 months with a rate that will not increase. In the review process, you may be requested to provide a few documents to verify your information about some things like your income, employment, and identity.

Loan amounts depend on a variety of factors in your current individual credit profile including the credit score, credit usage, and history, loan terms, etc. If you meet those requirements successfully, Upgrade will show you a loan or credit line offer that you may qualify for.

In the event that you are denied or would not qualify, you can reapply in 30 days if you think your financial situation has changed. And if you want to cancel the application, you can do it by calling the Upgrade Verifications team.

Contact Information :

Upgrade Customer Support Phone Number: (855) 997-3100

Upgrade Verifications Service Phone Number: (855) 466-5995

Email Address: support@upgrade.com

Mailing Address:

Upgrade Inc.,
Suite 2300
275 Battery Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

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