Activation guide for Sam’s Club Credit Card Online

Sam’s Club Credit Cardholders need to activate their newly received credit card before using it for purchases. Once your card is active you can use it at a wide range of destinations such as departmental stores, retail store chains, restaurants, online purchases, gas stations and more.

However, the card is primarily issued for use at the Sam’s Club and partner stores. Once you have the card you can enjoy great benefits at these stores. Anyone who has been looking for an activation guide can find this post helpful. Read on and you can get your credit card activated.

How to Activate Sam’s Club Credit Card

  • To activate your Sam’s Club Credit Card open the activation page.
  • Secondly as the webpage opens you will find a section labelled ‘activate my Sam’s Club Credit Card’.
  • Provide the following information in the respective spaces:
  • Card number
  • Security code
  • Last 4 digits of SSN


sam's club credit card activation


  • Tap on the ‘Activate my Card’ button below and your card will be activated.

How to Register for Sam’s Club Credit Card Login Account

  • For new users, registration opens the login homepage.
  • Now locate the login widget which is towards the left of the screen.
  • Click the ‘I want to Register’ link below it.


register for Sam’s Club Credit Card login account


  • Now a new registration website opens that is labelled ‘register for Online Access’.
  • Enter the account number and billing zip code there.
  • Click the ‘Continue’ button and you can set up an account in the next steps.

How to Log into Sam’s Club Credit Card

  • Existing users can sign into their account at the Sam’s Club Credit Card Login page.
  • Once the webpage opens there is a login section at the left labelled ‘access your account’.
  • Provide the user id and password in the blank spaces.
  • Click the ‘secure login’ button below and you will be directed to the account management console.


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How to Reset Sam’s Club Credit Card Login Details

  • If you have lost your password open the login website.
  • Next look below the login section which is at the left.
  • You will find an ‘I forgot my password’ link along with the ‘I forgot my user id or password’ link.
  • Click on it and a new page reading ‘reset your password’ opens.
  • Enter the user id and zip code in the respective fields.
  • Click the ‘Continue’ button and you can select a new password.


This was all we could offer on the credit card activation. You can also find information related to account login and customer support. For further details, you may connect with us through the comments section below.


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